F A C C C T S | S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 | W W W. F A C C C . O R G 7 of Community College? In short, our purpose is to provide educaƟonal and job training opportuniƟes to all who live in our respecƟve communiƟes. This may seem obvious to us, but in this age where the President of the United States doesn’t know what a community college is, we have work to do. Emily Haraldson, Glendale Community College Chair, PublicaƟons CommiƩee “The purpose is as vast as the reasons our students choose to attend our colleges. For many, it is the only path to a four- year degree due to such factors as dropping out of high school because of institutional discrimination, being former- ly incarcerated, not being able to afford four years of tuition at a university, etc. Community colleges also offer valuable resources for our veterans to enhance their knowledge and skills while provid- ing services to assist in reintegration into civilian life. Recent immigrants may attend community college to improve their English skills. Others may attend community college to retrain for a new profession due to the changing econo- my. Moreover, retirees may attend community college for the sake of continuing to enrich their lives by gaining new knowledge and skills. The more I think about it, the more I am proud that our nation has such an invaluable and amaz- ing institution that serves such diverse needs and interests.” Richard Kamei, Sociology Glendale Community College “The purpose of community college is to provide a high education for a low cost. My mom, who was an immigrant and never attend high school, complet- ed her AA degree over six years. There should be no strings like a two years completion requirement.” Tony Luu, Mathematics Contra Costa College “The purpose of a community college education is a last chance for many at a higher education. It is a chance for students who did not do well in high school or failed in another college when they were younger. It is a place to repair academic deficiencies in order to pursue a university degree(s). It is a last hope for many at a chance for a better, meaningful life. I went to community college in New York from 1981 until I received my AA degree in 1992. I went one year full-time with a 3.69 GPA, received nine W's in my second year, and went back three times over the next nine years while I worked full-time. What measure of success would I have qualified for under the proposed measures?” Tim Fish, Mathematics Contra Costa College “It's right in the name, to serve the community. I remember when we had senior citizens that came back to GCC because they wanted to enrich their lives. They were often some of my very best students. They set a good example as life-long learners to the 18 year olds and did so much to break down barriers of ageism. [W]orking professionals come to our classes when the software at work changes and they need to update their skill sets. They push everyone in the class to produce their very best work and often are able to help establish internships and hiring opportunities for other students in my classes.” Rebecca Hillquist, Graphic Design, Glendale Community College